Scratch Masters Rules

  1. The Scratch Masters, in conjunction with the SFGGC, is an optional mixed competition open to all tournament entrants. The Scratch Masters has a separate entry fee and the amount is based on the division. Prize money for each division consists of the total entry fees received in that division.
  2. Tournament Director(s) may place a bowler into a higher division at their discretion. Any such adjustment will be made before the entrant bowls.
  3. The scratch scores from singles and doubles only from the SFGGC will be used to determine the ten (10) qualifiers and one alternate in each division. Scores DO NOT carry over. A tie for 10th position is broken by bowling one complete game prior to play to determine the qualifier.
  4. All scores bowled in Scratch Masters and all scores used to determine qualifiers are scratch (no handicap added at any time).
  5. All 10 qualifiers will get 10 minutes of practice on all 4 lanes.
  6. The top ten (10) qualifiers in each division will bowl 2 games each, 5 on one pair of lanes. After Game 1, the bowlers will switch lanes and bowl Game 2 on the other pair of lanes in their division.
  7. The total scratch scores will be added and after the first two games, 2 bowlers will be dropped. There are no bonus points.
  8. Game 3 will be bowled with 4 bowlers on one pair, and 4 bowlers on another pair. The scores from game 3 will be added to games 1 and 2. After the totals are verified, 2 more bowlers will be dropped.
  9. Game 4 will be bowled as Game 3, except 3 bowlers per pair of lanes. The scores from game 4 will be added to the previous scores (games 1 through 3) and 2 more bowlers will be dropped
  10. Once the final 4 qualifiers are identified in each division, we will go into step-ladder format. The bowler in the 4th seed will bowl against the bowler seeded 3rd place, with the winner moving on. The higher ranked player chooses to finish first or last.
  11. A lane schedule will be given to each division prior to the start of competition. No exceptions. The bowlers are responsible for checking if they have qualified.
  12. Bowlers must be physically present for check-in thirty (30) minutes prior to the scheduled start of the Scratch Masters competition. A bowler who does not check-in as specified will be immediately disqualified and replaced by the alternate. If the alternate is not present, the spot is filled by the next highest ranking bowler in the division present at the time of check-in.
  13. The match game competition will begin within an hour of the end of team event on Sunday February 14, 2016. Each Division will bowl on a different set of six (6) lanes. Bowlers must be physically present for check-in following the Team event, NO EXCEPTIONS.
  14. Any claims of error in the roll-off must be submitted before the start of the next match. Any claim of an error in the final match must be reported with one (1) hour of the completion of the final match.
  15. The Optional Scratch Masters payout will be 100% of the entry fees paid by participants by division. The award ratio for Scratch Masters by division shall be at a minimum of 1 in 2 entries, with a maximum of 6 places paid in each division.
  16. If fewer than 10 bowlers in in any Division sign up for Scratch Masters, they will be given the option of having their fee refunded or moving up to the next higher division.
  17. The Scratch Masters divisions are defined as:
    1. Top 25% of All Entering Averages
    2. 2nd Highest 25% of All Entering Averages
    3. 3rd Highest 25% of All Entering Averages
    4. Lowest 25% of All Entering Averages
    The divisions will be announced once registration has closed and all averages have been verified.